Time to Celebrate! The Network Anniversaries – September 2021

This month at The Network, we’re celebrating two colleagues, Lauren Abais from Compliance and Patrick Leiker from our Business Transitions team. Patrick celebrated his first anniversary, and Lauren just hit her fifth!

Lauren is the Compliance team’s Administrative Associate. Before she joined TFSN, she worked in Advertising Review at LPL Financial. “I had heard a lot about The Network, and I even recognized a lot of the names.”

Living in Los Angeles, Lauren says “it was so surreal not having to commute to work. I was extremely excited to start my new job, and I joined in on team calls right away. I’m the type to get nervous on first days, but at The Network, I felt comfortable since a lot of the systems were familiar to me!”

How does she spend her free time since she doesn’t have to sit in L.A. traffic? She plays competitive doubles beach volleyball!

As our Sales Development Representative, Patrick told us what his favorite part about his job is: “I speak with advisors each week who often feel like small fish in a large pond when it comes to services and support at their current firms. When we get into the details of how we support our advisors, the conversation changes. It makes me very proud of the dedication and services The Network provides, and the community we create.”

In the past year, Patrick says, “The biggest lesson I’ve learned is how to ask the right questions. It is so important to narrow down the specific needs of an advisor to build a relationship and know how we can best support them. If you don’t ask the right questions in your first conversation, you may not get a chance for a second.”

When we asked about his go-to karaoke song, he answered right away: “Journey’s Faithfully – and yes, I can hit every note!”