Time to Celebrate! The Network Anniversaries – October 2021

This October, we’re celebrating the anniversary of Karina Sierra from Business Transitions and Debbie McKenzie from our Virtual Admin team. They both joined The Network in 2018 and reflected on their third year with us.

Moving at the speed of light while managing countless details, Karina enjoys the challenge of helping advisors transition their books of business. When we asked what excites her most about her job, she said it can be summarized in one word: TRUST. “The level of confidence an advisor places on me to ensure things go smoothly during an incredibly complex process is an amazing feeling,” she said.

While she is grateful for the trust from advisors, Karina says her favorite part of her position is the teamwork. “Working on real-time assignments and balancing all the different moving parts on a daily basis, I have developed the amazing and highly rewarding skill of collaboration. I can count on any of my team members at The Network!”

Something people might be surprised to learn about Karina? “I took mixed martial arts and boxing classes as a teenager,” she shared. “And my dream car would be a 1969 Chevrolet Yenko Camaro.”

As Administrative Operations Manager, Debbie first learned about The Network through our Compliance Supervisor, Stacey Richmond. “Stacey and I worked together before she joined TFSN,” Debbie told us. Three years later, they still enjoy being colleagues.

When we asked Debbie what her favorite part about being a Virtual Admin is, she said, “The ever-changing landscape of the financial industry, and the excitement of adapting to the unique culture of each office that I support,” she said. “I feel challenged everyday, which keeps things interesting. I hate being bored!”

While Debbie seems to have found the perfect position for her skillset, we asked what the weirdest job she’s ever had was. “I once worked on an oil platform in Alaska as a chef!” she divulged.