It’s All About the Experience

Christopher Mercado, Managing Partner at The Financial Services Network

In early spring, our team sent out a survey asking about Advisor interest in attending live events in the coming year. Overwhelmingly, the response was loud and clear: let’s get together in person. After a year crammed in home offices, Advisors were eager to connect face-to-face. I personally received several invitations for experience-focused getaways that look extremely inviting after spending months trapped in a 10-mile radius.

Over the summer, we tentatively held in-person meetings and had big plans for the fall and winter months. But as Covid numbers rise again and mask mandates return, plans shift—or are canceled entirely.

The good news is that industry surveys also revealed that our clients enjoy the convenience of virtual meetings. We’re able to create magic through the internet, bringing together family members from across the country, or finally connecting with client that no longer feel as mobile as they had in their younger years.

But content fatigue and isolation create a new set of challenges the second time around: knowing the desire for in-person connection, how do we operate within the economy of convenience, yet continue to communicate to clients, prospects, and centers of influence in ways that create lasting impacts?

The only solution lies in an à la carte approach focused solely on the audience’s preferred experience. Keep offering those virtual meetings but recognize their desire for in-person experiences as well. Reduce the digital communication to at-need only and find solutions like masked walks around the park, outdoor activities, or Grub Hub lunches to reach outside of the fourth wall and connect.

Whether the numbers grow or reduce this fall, we need to entice our audience with meaningful opportunities for live connection, at the same replicate that emotion in a physically disconnected virtual world. It is our role to find, cultivate, and create the balance as we all navigate the new normal once more.