Is Your Home Office Environment Working for You?

By Daxs Stadjuhar, Managing Partner and Chief Risk Officer

When I first started using my webcam as the primary way I connected with advisors and prospects, I had just moved into my new house. My home office was barely set up; the comforts I had come to rely on like a standing desk, multiple monitors, and a large space where I could shut the door away from the world were gone. Instead, over my shoulder you could see the door leading to my living room and a bookcase crowded with family portraits. One day my wife and four kids paraded past on their way out the door while I was on a big team meeting. The next, I caught the way my face looked on a particularly important call—washed out and exhausted under my 1000-watt bulbs. Was this the way I wanted to represent my business?

While many of us are dealing with similar situations and a certain level of forgiveness can and should take place, I did not feel like I could bring my typical level of professionalism to my interactions, and it was affecting my energy and drive. The days of hopping on a plane to finalize a deal or walking into an office for an audit are on pause. The way we connect has changed for the foreseeable if not the permanent future, and so, too, has the way I engage with my virtual environment.

Last month, I invested in recessed lighting for my home office. I bought the standing desk, threw a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and organized my bookcase. I know to shut the door when I am on a video call. I kept a few of the family portraits up—some change is for the better.

It is important to adapt with the times and accept that while we might not love the virtual environment, there are ways to make it work for us. At The Network, let us work with you to discover how to harness your workspace and channel that energy into your engagements with clients, colleagues, and prospects. Just because we are at home does not mean we need to feel like anything less than our best professional self.