I’m No Tom Brady… but We Can All Be Joshua Chamberlain

A message from Managing Partner Daxs Stadjuhar

I have never won a Superbowl. I would never even pretend I’ve walked in Tom Brady’s shoes or know the experiences he’s had, nor the influence he’s held throughout his career.

My point is that your client’s have also never walked in your shoes. They have not sat down and helped hundreds of families make good, thoughtful, methodical decisions when it comes to their savings, how they invest their money, and continue to make sound financial decisions even during difficult times. 

We have done this before: we have been through down markets; we know how to guide our clients. Is this tough? Darn right it is. What we all need right now is a moment to reflect and double down on our own confidence.

I know that each of us are calling our own trusted advisors – our peers – and validating our shared experiences. Are there still unknowns? Absolutely. Nevertheless, you have the experience and expertise to help your clients make the right decisions and guide them through these markets. Please do not second guess yourself or doubt your ability to lead your clients through this volatility. I can assure you there were thousands of passes Tom Brady threw before he stopped second guessing the outcome.

To say we are in an unprecedented time is not an exaggeration, but we’ve seen times like this before. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that most of us are probably working on weekends talking to clients or digging into research to better communicate the steps we are taking on behalf of them. I want to encourage you to continue to be available, even when you might be having circular conversations. 

Many of us are going to start doing things we haven’t had to for over a decade. We are going to work long hours while taking a big pay cut. You may have small business owners who will need to request SBA loans or even declare bankruptcy.  You’re going to have clients ask you if they should stop contributing to their 401(k) plan or where do they cut expenses. The reality of our business right now is that it is going to be heart-wrenching, but I also believe it will be rewarding, because these crisis moments is when our greatest value shows up.

I know it’s difficult. I know that there are times where you’re not going to know the answers, and that is fine. Contrary to popular belief, your clients just want you to “be there,” not necessarily be a psychic.

In closing, I’ll included this article on Joshua Chamberlain. Chamberlain was in a difficult situation and used his brutal honestly and courage to overcome multiple obstacles. At its core it’s about leadership and I hope provides a little boost.

Our team is here. We’re right alongside you through this.