Developing Through Disruption

By Tom Croxton, Vice President, Business Development & Integration at The Network

LPL Financial pulled out all the virtual stops at this year’s Focus conference. It’s clear with topics ranging from connecting with clients digitally to new platform announcements, technology continues to consume the world.

LPL isn’t the only one with their eyes set on the digital horizon: Charles Schwab announced its forthcoming planning software, akin to eMoney or Personal Capital, which allows users to create a free profile to manage their finances.

Similarly, Orion’s mid-2019 purchase of Advizr is helping them significantly enhance their client portal experience, allowing users to choose goals, enter data, and enable tools to monitor their progress. Releases like these could forecast shifting table stakes for financial institutions as clients seek new ways to track their personal finances in a volatile market.

What LPL, Schwab, and Orion’s releases highlight is the escalation of technological disrupters in a COVID-saturated market. At The Network, we constantly look for best practices and platforms to enhance our advisors and their clients’ experience. We currently have an institutional relationship with Orion and have been helping advisors adopt it into their practice and share with their clients.

We’ll continue to keep our eyes out and offer ideas to you as they come. Reach out to me or any member of our team with questions and for more insight like this.