Bridging the Virtual Gap

By Daxs Stadjuhar, Managing Partner and Chief Risk Officer

A topic we’ve been covering this year is how to create an exceptional client experience as we continue to work in a virtual or hybrid office/virtual environment. Last month, we talked about how your physical space plays an important role in the energy that you bring to your practice. This month, we’re highlighting how to make your clients feel like you’re bridging gaps rather than widening them, especially with your client’s extended family and centers of influence.

This time last year, there were a lot of things that were “nice to dos” that are now a MUST DO. For example, as a courtesy, a Network office sends client reviews via FedEx so the older, less tech-savvy family have time to review the report before meeting. Another sends  top clients GrubHub vouchers to make up for the lunch meetings they used to have in person. Our friends at Goldman Sachs are discovering that these “nice to dos” are now essential. If you want to maintain the closeness with your clients, personalized touches that close the gap in this new business environment are crucial.

What are the lessons learned?  Truth be told, we are still learning them as we go along.  Some clients are embracing this new environment while others are starving for engagement and interaction.  Equally important, how are you doing?  Is this new environment “feeding” your core needs to have meaningful and valuable conversations with your clients? Please continue to stay engaged with us as we navigate and share what we are learning so we can all serve our clients in this crisis.