From Study Group to National Network

The Past: A New Idea Is Born

The Financial Services Network was founded in 1984 as a study group of top advisors brought together by our founder and chairman emeritus, Jim Herrington, to exchange ideas and share best practices. Jim identified the need for independent financial planners and investment advisors to network with their peers, and in creating the original Network, he drew on his personal production experience. His unique vision attracted other top producers who shared a common bond of excellence and the desire to elevate their practices. Today, The Network has grown into one of the largest enterprise offices* within the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer.**

* Based on revenues, as of 2015.

** As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996 -2016, based on total revenue

The Present: Evolution of a Vision

Over the past 30 years, we have continued to evolve the mission of The Network and enhance the services that we are able to offer members of our independent advisor community while staying true to Jim’s founding vision.


The Network started as a study group of advisors sharing best practices and working to elevate the entire group to a higher level. We continue to host regular events to facilitate the meaningful exchange of ideas and encourage peer-to-peer collaboration.


The Network has always had its roots in education. We continue the tradition of offering advisors high-quality educational sessions focused on products, advisory, marketing, practice management, succession, technology and compliance, as well as specialized training for administrative staff.


The Network has evolved to a level where advisors ask for help with more than just day-to-day operations. These out-of-the-box questions have created an opportunity for us to incubate ideas, bring in experts and go to our strategic alliances for help in finding solutions on behalf of our affiliated advisors.


The Network has always been fortunate in coming across the “financial stars” before they went mainstream as national keynote speakers or renowned industry experts. Our advisors have access to a deep well of intellectual capital, and our meetings typically have speakers and resources that would only be reserved for much larger groups.


Through our events, webinars, personal phone calls and office visits, our Business Development and Business Consulting Teams are in front of our advisors between 10 to 20 times a year, providing high-level coaching, guidance and advice to help them put the pieces together to help create successful practices.


The Support Team at The Network has a single focus: to make our advisors more productive. Our goals are to assist in processing your business efficiently, to provide you with the correct answer in a timely manner and resolve issues so you can spend your valuable time with your clients.

The Future: Building Tomorrow Together

As any company looks to the future, it cannot forget its past. The future goals of The Network are two-fold: work diligently to meet our internal growth goals by adding quality advisors who benefit from our resources, and maintain the principles we have stood on to advocate for our advisors. Numbers are oftentimes the easiest way to measure progress toward accomplishing a goal, but our philosophy has always been to look past the numbers and ask what did those numbers allow us to do. How did previous growth impact investment into the services we currently provide?  How we continue to thoughtfully grow to be able to add a particular resource that our advisors are demanding? When you partner with The Network, we will always keep you informed of our continued growth and evolution within our changing industry.  At our regular meetings, you will be apprised of our business plans, the continued development of our Network team, our accomplishments and our goals for the future.